Hampi : The Unexplored destination of India

Hampi : The Unexplored destination of India February 21, 2019Leave a comment

Have you heard of Hampi, a small village in Karnataka, but a World Heritage site. If you love places which are mysterious and full of history, love stories of a powerful empire destroyed in a rubble of stones and want to see jaw dropping murals, architecture and old Palace buildings..Head to Hampi !

Located in northern karnataka, India. The place has such a mystical old world charm. It will instantly transport you to the era gone by.

Skip the luxury hotels and stay in the various small lodgings within the Village or stay at a farm and in bamboo hut lodging.

You will be amazed to know after visiting this gorgeous place Indians have no idea that such a place exists. All the lodgings, yoga houses and streets and sights were filled with tourists from Europe and Australia.

To see the real Hampi and feel the old world charm, hire a bike and cruise through this adorable place.