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Your Smartphone is a Killing Machine! Here’s How to Save Yourself

Your Smartphone is a Killing Machine! Here’s How to Save Yourself June 12, 2019Leave a comment

Smartphones are getting more powerful each day. As we embrace the technology, integrate it into daily routines, and give it better control over our lives, we often end up facing consequences we had not planned. Here is how your smartphone is slowly killing you (and how can you avoid that):

Physical Dangers:

There are some obvious physical hazards of using a smartphone. It can distract you while you’re on a road, driving or even walking. This leads to millions of accidents and thousands of deaths each year. People are easily addicted to their smartphones, and end up wasting their time, getting distracted from work, personal goals, and real life. Excess use of smartphones is a major cause of insomnia as well.

Mental Dangers:

You are being poisoned. Yes, you read that right! After millions of years of evolution, our bodies are adapted to produce ‘stress response chemicals’ as a part of our survival instincts. It is now a part of our DNA. But when these naturally occurring chemicals appear in large and continuous doses, they become a ‘poison’.

Every time your smartphone rings, buzzes, or vibrates, your body secrets stress chemicals. These stress hormones are beneficial in small amounts. But they become toxic with over-secretion. Eventually, even if your phone does not ring, you know it can, anytime. This leaves you in a constantly stressed state, even if you are unaware of it.

The ‘Solution’:

Well, the best solution would be to completely switch off your smartphone, and disconnect yourself from it. However, it wouldn’t be easy, and chances are you will start using your smartphone even more once your patience ends. So here are a few steps you can take to ensure you stay safe in this techno-world:

1) Delete the social media apps: Social media is considered to be a major source of stress and anxiety among smartphone users. Also, it often wastes your time. Now is the best time to say good-bye to your social media apps.

2) Turn off notifications: Notifications compete for your attention. Whether you’re trying to concentrate on studies, or focus on your work, they will always get you distracted. So why not turn them off, and win the attention game?

3) Change your phone from color to gray-scale: Vibrant colors on a smartphone display have various effects on your brain. You can stop the brain from receiving these stimuli altogether, if you simply go to your phone’s settings and change display to gray-scale. This will ultimately reduce your brain’s craving for the smartphone.

Every coin has two sides. Technology is no exception to this rule. There are many benefits of using a smartphone, and life often gets easier with these devices. But we should be aware of the fact that ‘we’ own the smartphones, they don’t own us. Once we learn to find this balance, I don’t think these little devices will hold the power to kill the people who created them in the first place.