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Teen Girl Runs Away From Home because of THIS Game, Visits 10 Cities in 18 Days!

Teen Girl Runs Away From Home because of THIS Game, Visits 10 Cities in 18 Days! July 22, 2019Leave a comment

We’re all surrounded by smartphones. Teenagers even more so. And “where there are smartphones, are the addictive games!” Names like the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, ‘PUBG’ have made headlines in recent years, and the list is now joined by a game called ‘Taxi Driver 2’.

A 15-year-old girl was reported missing from her home in Pant Nagar in Uttarakhand on July 1, 2019. Her parents were worried as she also stole Rs. 12000 from home before disappearing. Police found her 18 days later in Delhi after she had a tiff with a rickshaw driver.

The story goes like this:

In summer vacations of 2019, this girl downloaded a Korean game called ‘Taxi Driver 2’ on her mother’s smartphone as she didn’t have her own. Soon, she started playing it day and night, and before she knew it, the girl completed all missions in the game.

Her parents didn’t know. They thought she’s busy with the phone as she’s an introvert. Sub-inspector Vipul Joshi, the Investigation Officer on this case revealed, “In the game, the taxi driver picks up passengers from various places and drops them at different locations by overcoming various obstacles. She wanted to play the character in real life by visiting different cities in the country without staying at one place.”

The girl visited as many as 10 cities in just 18 days. She said she survived on chips and biscuits. As she faced problems to stay in a hotel without identity proof, she would travel overnight in sleeper-coach buses and explore the cities during the day. The girl mentioned it was quite an experience to travel for 18 days without a bath.

While the girl is now back to her home after the little adventure, it poses the question of teens mistaking virtual world for the real one. What are your views on the matter? Let us know in the comments section below!