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Here’s some interesting trivia for you about the World Wide Web

Here’s some interesting trivia for you about the World Wide Web March 12, 20191 Comment

The World Wide Web, or the Web as we call it, completes 30 years this month. The World has been hooked onto the internet and there is one thread that binds us all, the World Wide Web. And in all these past years, it has to its name many interesting titbits. So here are the 5 interesting facts or Trivia about the World wide web:

  1. Freedom Ring: This was in 1993 when the WWW became free of charge to everyone on this planet. The technology remained in the Public domain, giving access to anyone regardless of their place or locality.
  2. Archie Search Engine: Did you know, Before Google and Yahoo came into existence, the search engine first launched was known as ‘Archie ‘
  3. There are currently 1.8 Billion Websites and 3 billion people on it, EVERYDAY
  4. China and India, have the highest number of Web users as per recent statistics
  5. This one will SHOCK you, The total number of digital devices connected to the World Wide Web as of today, exceeds the current human population on earth

Did these facts make you go, WOW! or Really? Yes, Fact can be more interesting than Fiction. Thanks should be in order to Tim Berners-Lee, a British engineer, who is the real father of the Web, when he invented the World Wide Web, 3 decades ago.