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5 Things about Elon Musk, you did not Know !

5 Things about Elon Musk, you did not Know ! February 20, 2019Leave a comment

Elon Musk, is the founder and CEO and also the lead designer at SpaceX, a space exploration company involved in the development and manufacturing of spacecraft and rockets. Founded in 2002, it took SpaceX only six years to develop and launch Falcon 1 the first privately-developed liquid-fuel launch vehicle. Four years after that, it created history again the Dragon spacecraft became the first commercial vehicle to deliver cargo to and return from the ISS.

1) Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa, on June 28, 1971, to Maye, a model and nutritionist, and Errol, an engineer, pilot and sailor.

2) At the age of nine, Musk taught himself computer programming. 3 years later, he created a space-themed video game “Blastar.” The source code for the BASIC-based game was published in South African magazine “PC and Office Technology” for $500

3) Robert Downey Jr., the actor who brought Tony Stark, the cinematic “Iron Man,” to life has been inspired by Musk. In fact, the latter actually made a cameo in “Iron Man 2” as well.

4) Musk co-founded Tesla Motors company, Tesla’s stated mission has been to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future. On that note, in 2008 Tesla debuted the Roadster sports car.

5) When Musk does hang up his entrepreneur’s boots, he wants to retire to Mars the Red Planet. No, seriously. In a March 2018 interview, he said: “I will go if I can be assured that SpaceX would go on without me. I’ve said I want to die on Mars, just not on impact.”