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Not Blood, but ‘Sport’ Runs in the Veins of This Family!

Not Blood, but ‘Sport’ Runs in the Veins of This Family! June 4, 2019Leave a comment

India has a lot of sport-enthusiasts. But very few get the family support to pursue a career in sports. The ‘Kanwar’ family from Chandigarh is a remarkable exception though. Three generations from this family are playing international for India. They play football as well as the national sport of India, hockey.

The Kanwar tradition includes Mr. Vinod Kumar Kanwar, who played in the National Football Team from 1983-85. His sister, Mrs. Ankita Kanwar was one of the leading ladies of Indian Women’s Hockey from 1983-91. Further, Mr. Vinay Kanwar played for Sesa Football Club (Goa) from 1995-97. The youngest brother, Virender Kanwar is associated with the Youngster’s Football Club (Chandigarh).

Mr. Harbans Lal Kanwar, father of these four, and a distinguished footballer himself started the Kanwar tradition. He also instituted the first professional football club in Chandigarh. The legacy continues even in the third generation, with his granddaughters and grandsons playing football professionally at the junior levels.

The family actively takes efforts to spread the sports-culture among masses, and to create more awareness about football in India. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that sports run in the veins of the ‘Kanwars’. With the global ranking of India’s football team being in 100s, it is a pleasing scenario to watch generations of a family working to take the sport further.