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“On Top of the World”: Gift your Loved ones the experience of Dining Mid-air

“On Top of the World”: Gift your Loved ones the experience of Dining Mid-air June 10, 2019Leave a comment

Some people “Eat to Live” while others “Live to Eat”. However, there’s also a third category of people who want to satisfy their Adrenaline rush while having a meal. That’s probably the reason why a Bengaluru Restaurant, named Fly Dining, is all the rage right now!

What is it all about

Fly Dining is a restaurant in Bengaluru which not only offers fine dining but all that while you are suspended 160 ft in the air. The restaurant, which is approximately as high as a 16 storey building, gives a bird’s eye view of the city to its diners. It has a 22-seater table that is lifted by a crane so that diners can enjoy a great view while savouring the delicious food.


The Restaurant confidently boasts of the best view of the city. Fly Dining is strategically placed near the Nagavara Lake in Hebbal and gives the view of the serene lake and the city’s green cover. Furthermore, diners can also enjoy the gorgeous view of the whole city from the top.

The deck accommodates 22 people including the chef, bartender, photographer and a couple of staff members. The suspended platform rotates 360 degrees, ensuring that diners get the best view of the city.

Where is it Located

Fly Dining is located at the heart of Bengaluru city, on the banks of Nagavara lake. Along with the picturesque view of the lake, you can also see the glowing Manyata Tech Park, making the moments with your loved ones all the more special.

Who can Enjoy this Luxurious Experience

While there’s no age-related restriction, diners must be over 4 ft 5 inches tall to experience a meal at the Restaurant. Similarly, Pregnant women and people over 150 kg are not allowed due to safety concerns. Apart from this, diners are not allowed to carry bags. Customers can, however, carry their phones.


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The menu at Fly Dining offers grilled chicken/sauteed vegetables with herb rice, croquettes and bruschetta. Other than that, it also offers fruit bowls and mocktail. The mocktail session of 30 minutes comprises of a drink and snacks. The dinner session can go on for an hour wherein food is only served mid-air after being prepared in advance.


A mocktail session at Fly Dining is priced at Rs 3,999 per person, while the dinner is priced at Rs 6,999 per person (includes GST). Weekend sessions are usually more expensive. Further, prices may vary on festivals and public holidays.

Special Arrangements

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Apart from Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, you can also arrange events on request, such as:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Engagement Announcement
  • Wedding Celebrations
  • Anniversary
  • Product Launch
  • New Year’s Party
  • Interviews and Talk Shows

And if you are lucky enough with the events requirements falling under safety limitations, brace yourself for the best experience ever!

Is it Safe

Guests at Fly Dining are required to wear seat belts. Similarly, the staff members are properly secured with safety harnesses. The entire set up of the restaurant has been tried and tested by TUV Rheinland in Germany. Before the meal, a supervisor briefs the diners with a safety video. 

Fly Dining’s official website says, “From the seat belts to the type of crane used, has been scrutinized and carefully considered to ensure maximum safety for the clients and employees.”

What if an Emergency Arises

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You will be relieved to know that in case of emergencies, the set up can be brought down within minutes. Moreover, there’s also a safety area below for diners. The set up can also be brought down if anybody wants to use a restroom, however, it is suggested that diners visit the washroom before the set up is suspended.

So, the next time you’re in Bengaluru and have an itch for something adventurous, head out to this amazing place!