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“Man on a Mission”- This environmental activist planted 90 LAKH saplings!

“Man on a Mission”- This environmental activist planted 90 LAKH saplings! May 24, 2019Leave a comment

Planting more than 90 lakh saplings across the state of Tamil Nadu, Mullaivanam and his team have contributed to making our world a greener place! Mullaivanam hails from Chennai and is a nature lover by heart. His father taught him organic farming at a young age, and his connection to the earth has been solid since.

In 2008, he established a sapling bank in Chennai. Under the alias, “Mullaivanam Tree Bank”, the bank gives out free saplings to whoever wishes to contribute to nature. This organization succeeded in planting 90 lakh saplings across Tamil Nadu itself.

By profession, Mullaivanam is an organic farmer. But, he also motivates other people to join in on his mission! Furthermore, he helps others build and maintain terrace gardens in his free time.

The citizens of Tamil Nadu approach the bank on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or celebrations to plant trees and contribute to nature on their part. Their job doesn’t just stop at giving out the sapling! The team also ensures that the tree is nourished and is looked after.

Apart from this, the bank gives out saplings to colleges and schools and also has educational awareness programs for the same. Mullaivanam tries his best in every way to ensure his mission is spread everywhere!

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In accordance with his excellent contribution, he is a bearer of various well-earned awards. The Padma Bhushan award is the latest feather in his environmental cap. Fondly known as ‘Tree-Man’, Mullaivanam’s next mission is to plant one crore neem seeds throughout India!

The ‘Tree Bank’ is no doubt, a huge contribution to our environment. And Mulliavanam aims to restore our nature to its former glory!