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A Mysterious place in India where vehicles run without Petrol and Diesel!

A Mysterious place in India where vehicles run without Petrol and Diesel! July 7, 2019Leave a comment

In an era when petrol and diesel prices are skyrocketing, you’ll be both surprised and happy to know about Kawardha. There is a place in India, where vehicles don’t need any sort of fuel to run on. In Chhattisgarh’s Kawardha, vehicles like motorbikes, cars including SUVs and even mini trucks move on their own.

Kawardha- A place where vehicles run without Petrol and Diesel

There are various myths surrounding this unnatural phenomenon. Locals have given it a superstitious angle saying that this happens due to the wrath of Goddess Shakti. However, the more logical and scientific explanation to this event is that Kawardha or the area surrounding the city has an extremely powerful magnetic field which attracts or pulls anything towards it.


What’s more shocking is the fact is that in Kawardha, vehicles move on their own towards the higher level of the slope rather than away from it. Vehicles move effortlessly while climbing towards the slope whereas it requires acceleration while climbing down the slope. It seems like the area defies science and the laws of nature altogether.

People have observed here that vehicles move towards the slope despite the fact that the engine is actually turned off. There is also no need to steer or accelerate the vehicle at all. Apart from vehicles, even the course of water defies science in this mysterious place. When any liquid is poured on the ground, it can be seen moving towards the higher end of the slope.


Discovery of the Mysterious occurrence

Apparently, the discovery of this mysterious occurrence was made by a guest who once visited Kawardha. The man was travelling on his motorbike when it ran out of petrol. The man realised that despite the fact that he had exhausted the petrol, his motorbike kept moving on its own.

The forest department was immediately alerted about this unnatural occurrence, which then termed the area as a ‘tourist spot’. From then onwards it has become a tourist attraction. A large multitude of people can be seen in the area during any time of the day, trying to confirm the rumours by bringing in their vehicles and testing them on the slopes of Kawardha.