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Netizens react to the encounter of Hyderabad Police!

Netizens react to the encounter of Hyderabad Police! December 6, 2019Leave a comment

India woke up with the news of all 4 accused of #Disha case shot dead in the encounter this morning. The rage which resided in every heart was given a fair justice. According to the police, the accused were taken to site of offense to recreate the crime scene. They snatched weapons from police and fired when they were trying to escape. The police fired back in retaliation in which the 4 accused were shot dead on spot. After this incident, there was a shower of praise and applause from all over the nation. But, some people questioned if the encounter was genuine and if the accused were real culprits! A similar incident had happened in 2008 in Warangal. The three men who attacked two girls with acid were shot down dead by police. A point to note is, the officer who encountered the accused today was serving as the SP back in 2008! The internet is going viral with posts supporting the police, but some find the encounter fake. Let us look at some of the tweets.

This user raised a question that police are arresting and killing random people to maintain their image. He also stated that the politicians will use this technique to set criminals free.

Another user tweeted if the accused were the culprits! He also wrote about justice should be given in court after proper investigation.

One more tweet criticized the police and questioned about their actions. It further stated that severe punishment must be given only under the law. The majority of the netizens were in favor of immediate encounter and supported the police through memes.

One user posted a dialogue from a very famous movie that says that the rapist must be killed on the spot against long trials in court.

One user congratulated the police for taking such a brave move and praised the officer who was in charge through a tweet.

Another user posted a video of the crowd going jovial after police encountered the accused at the site of the crime earlier today. This act by the police is what India needs to stop the brutal murders and abuse of women in our society today.