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What Is So Special About Sushi?

What Is So Special About Sushi? May 21, 2020Leave a comment

When I first heard the name ‘Sushi’ it sounded pretty exotic to me. Then I went through some of the interviews of some celebrities in some magazines and to my surprise, most of them mentioned Sushi to be their favorite food. Let us find out about this mysterious food item.

How did Sushi Originate?
Although Sushi is a Japanese food there are many debates over its origin. Some say that it originated in China as a practice of using fermented rice to store fish for almost a year. This tradition was known as namanarezushi. In this process, the fish was later used for consumption but the rice used to be thrown away. Later on, vinegared rice was used for the same purpose and this time the rice was also consumed. This process was introduced in Japan later on and different people from different regions started adding their own variations to the process and thus today we have Sushi made In different styles in different places.

What is Sushi?
A traditional Sushi is vinegar rice rolled into small pieces covered with Nori, a seaweed. This can be eaten with little soy sauce and wasabi.

How many types of Sushis are there?

There are mainly 5 types of Sushi.

This is the most popular Sushi item. These simple sushi rolls have vegetables and raw seafood wrapped in seaweed.

Sashimi is a little different from Sushi as it does not have rice in it but a simple thin slice of raw fish like salmon, octopus, tuna, scallop etc. This is also served uncooked and that is the specialty of sushi.

Uramaki is another sushi roll that has rice outside and seaweed inside.

This sushi roll is shaped in a cone with rice, meat, and vegetables inside it. This is a very fascinating dish because of its taste and look.

Nigiri is nothing but Sashimi served on rectangular-shaped rice.

You can also get Egg sushi called Tamago and Cucumber Sushi called Kappa.

Sushi rolls are available in a variety of combinations of vegetables, meat, seafood, eggs, and even fruits. Soy sauce, cheese, and mayonnaise are added at times to make them taste better.

What fish is used in Sushi?
There are many types of fish used in sushi. Some common fish are tuna, crab, salmon, octopus, mackerel, swordfish, scallop, trout, shrimp, squid, etc.

What to eat with Sushi?
The most common condiments are wasabi( a spice prepared from wasabi root), soy sauce, and pickled ginger.

What are some popular Sushis?
King Crab Roll- This offers a combination of crab and mayonnaise.

Spider Roll – Tempura soft crab, cucumber, and avocado with spicy mayo.

California Roll- Cooked crab, avocado, and cucumber are used in this popular sushi roll.

How to eat Sushi?
Although chopsticks are most commonly used to eat this good but eating with hands are very much acceptable.
Sushi has become a very interesting dish not only because of its unique name but also because of its extraordinary preparation style and flavor. This gorgeous and delicious raw food has won many hearts around the world. People who are not comfortable eating raw food they usually go for Tempura fish which is fried before serving.
So if you are a fish lover or longing to give your taste buds a whole new experience then you must try Sushi once in your lifetime.