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Watch out for the Subtle Hints Your Body gives you when it needs More Care

Watch out for the Subtle Hints Your Body gives you when it needs More Care March 8, 2019Leave a comment
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At a time when everything around us is polluted, contaminated or poisoned- from the food we eat to the air we breathe, it is very rare that we find ourselves at perfect health. There are times when we feel worse than usual and run to the doctor for immediate care, but did you know that your body also sends you silent signals to alert you of a more serious underlying condition?

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These signals may be overlooked by us but it is time to start paying attention to them as they convey to us that our body is not fine and needs care. These are symptoms you must never overlook:

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1. Feeling Tired all the time

Do you feel tired even after getting a proper sleep of eight hours? If so, you need to get your blood pressure and vitamins levels checked immediately. A spike or decrease in their levels may be the reason why you end up feeling tired even after a good sleep.

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2. Bouts of Dizziness

Hangover isn’t the only reason for dizziness. Factors such as change in blood pressure, blood sugar levels and dehydration also impart to this uneasy feeling.

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3. Frequent Headaches

Never ignore frequent headaches. Apart from that, the worst thing you can do is taking painkillers as if they were skittles. Your brain is no joke, therefore, it is always best to consult a good neurologist if frequent and persistent headaches occur.

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4. Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness caused by workouts is understandable, however, if the soreness is a regular thing for you irrespective of workouts, it is time to consult a physiotherapist.

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5. Nagging Back Pain

Don’t blame the nagging back pain on a bad sleeping position and brush it under the carpet. Back pain can be caused by a number of serious underlying conditions such as Slip disc. Hence, get it checked before things get worse.

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The aforementioned symptoms may not look like serious issues, but ignoring them can have severe consequences. Thus, you must always get these symptoms checked before they start getting complicated.