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This Dating Site Allows Only ‘Beautiful People’ to Register, Rejects Others If They Are Ugly!

This Dating Site Allows Only ‘Beautiful People’ to Register, Rejects Others If They Are Ugly! May 21, 2019Leave a comment

‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’. Popular online dating site, ‘BeautifulPeople’ takes this proverb rather literally. It claims to be an elite online club, where every member works the door. It functions in a slightly different manner than most other platforms of its kind. BeautifulPeople is a peer selection dating site, born from the principle that beauty is a subjective matter.

Password: ‘Beauty’

To become a member of the platform, applicants are required to be voted in by existing members of the platform, belonging to opposite sex. Members rate new applicants over a period of 48 hours, based on whether or not they find the applicant ‘beautiful’. They can vote the applicants to be either “Beautiful”, “Hmm, OK”, “No”, or “Absolutely Not”. If an applicant secures enough positive votes from members, he/she is granted membership to the BeautifulPeople dating community.

According to Greg Hodge, the site’s founder and managing director, only one in 10 applicants is accepted. Statistically, this means that 90% of the people are ugly. BeautifulPeople claims to provide an honest and accurate representation of beauty by democratizing it. The site claims to have rejected over 8.5 million people for not being hot enough since its launch in 2002. And some 750,000 applicants have made the cut, earning the right to judge new applicants. They also claim to have over 700 couples married through unions founded on BeautitulPeople.com.

No ‘Ugliness’ Please!

The ‘beautiful’ members have even created lists of ten flaws for men and women each that they think make people ugly! For men, things like ‘ having a bad mouth with too small or no lips’, ‘un-groomed facial or body hair’, and ‘dirty, long nails’ make them ugly. Whereas ‘having eyes too far apart or close together’, ‘having a poor figure’, and ‘putting on bad makeup’ are some of the things that determine the beauty of women.

But the irony is that Greg Hodge (the founder) himself was once voted out of the site for being ugly. Overall, BeautifulPeople is a website, where anyone can judge people from their physical appearance. It may have its merits and demerits, but it is upto the users to decide what they look for in a partner, beauty, brains, or both.