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Signs which prove that you’re Smarter than the Average Joe

Signs which prove that you’re Smarter than the Average Joe February 20, 2019Leave a comment

Did you know that apart from tests and exams there are other ways too which show how smart a person really is. Although, it may not be a quantifiable measure to your intelligence, these signs indicate that a person is actually smarter than the average person.

Let’s look at what these traits are:


Yeah you heard that right. According to several studies, various factors of intelligence are important in producing humour. These intelligence factors are- crystalized intelligence and fluid intelligence. The next time you find yourself whipping up a quick witty joke which cracks everyone up, know that your intelligence is above average

Adjusting according to the surroundings:

If you happen to “go with the flow” a lot, you just might be gifted with superior intelligence. Intelligent people can analyse their behaviour and the behaviour of others and find a middle ground to help them adapt to the situation.

You’re a Nocturnal creature:

Staying up late at night is another sign of high intelligence. According to psychologists, sleeping late at night or staying up at night is an evolutionary ability which shows the person’s adaptability.

A pile of Mess:

If you often find your space cluttered, fear not! A messy lifestyle is often linked to independent thinking. People who stay messy are extremely focussed on their goals and important tasks which causes them to skip the decluttering routine.


Intelligent people have a hunger to learn. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge about any given topic. Such people are also aware that there is a lot to learn rather than acting like a know-it-all. Hence, the next time you find your “spider sense tingling”, remember that it’s a trait smart people posses.

You Play a Musical Instrument

Playing an instrument requires us to coordinate our thoughts and motoric capabilities. On similar lines, learning to play music at a tender age affects the brain in a positive way. It makes the brain more adaptive causing it to change physically, functionally and chemically throughout your life.

You have a tendency to Worry or become Anxious:

Getting worried or becoming anxious stems from over-analysing situations too deeply. They are both adaptive characteristics which help us to overcome or be prepared for contingent dangers. Intelligent people have a habit of worrying more than those with average intelligence as they feel the need to be ready and handle situations efficiently.

So have you already found out, if you are really smarter than an Average Joe !