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Myth or Truth! The science behind the ‘Haldi Ceremony’ before an Indian Wedding

Decoding the Indian Tradition of Bride and Groom being enveloped in turmeric, a day before the wedding. Know why it is done !

Myth or Truth! The science behind the ‘Haldi Ceremony’ before an Indian Wedding March 29, 2019Leave a comment

Hindu marriages are often deemed to be ostentatious and pompous. Hindu marriages often incorporate many interesting traditions which many people consider superstitious. However, you will be astounded to know that these Indian Hindu traditions are often scientifically sound.

One of the interesting traditions of the Indian wedding ceremony is the Haldi Ceremony. In this intriguing ceremony, Haldi ( turmeric) is applied to the face and hands of the bride and groom. This ceremony is held on the morning of the wedding or a day before the wedding. Now, since this ceremony is celebrated in all the Hindu marriages, some people find it absolutely sensible whereas some people find the ceremony to be superstitious.

Now let’s head to the scientific benefits behind applying Haldi to the bride and groom prior to the wedding.

1) Haldi imparts a natural glow and also helps in keeping bacterial infections at bay ensuring good health on the wedding day.
2) The mixture is often applied on the face and hands with oil, which helps in keeping the skin moisturized and Hence, helps in maintaining a radiant and glowing skin prior to the wedding.
3) Haldi has a compound named curcumin which acts as a panacea to anxiety and headache. Actually, the bride and groom develop anxiety during wedding preparations and hence the mixture of Haldi applied to them helps in maintaining composure and a calm state of mind.

So, it can be said that the Haldi ceremony is a tradition which is not superstitious, instead, it is scientifically sound and an important ritual that needs to be followed.