“Mental health”- It should be an important priority in society!

“Mental health”- It should be an important priority in society! May 23, 2019Leave a comment

Imagine this: you have a perfect job, a good salary and a happy family. But, on the inside, it feels like you are crippling away. Anxiety claws your mind and you feel overwhelmed and depressed most of the time. Simply put, your mental health is not in good condition. Health isn’t just what we eat, its the way we think and feel too.

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Mental health is the cognitive, behavioral and emotional well-being of a person. Having a healthy mind is vital as it determines how we live and make decisions daily. At every step of one’s life, be it from childhood to old age, mental health is important in one’s life. Having a healthy mind allows people to work productively, make meaningful contributions to society as well as live happily.

Above all, it is not a myth and there are over 200 forms of mental health diagnosed to people. Furthermore, it is as important as physical health. We take numerous methods and precautions to ensure that we are in the prime physical state at all times.

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But, when it comes to mental health, a large number of the population backs away from getting help. There is a social fear or stigma around mental health. Those who suffer from mental illness have a fear that they won’t be taken seriously by society.

According to the World Health Organisation, one in every four people suffer through a mental illness globally. Currently, there are 450 million people suffering from mental health disorders worldwide. Furthermore, more than 40% of countries don’t have mental health policies. Basically, it is something that cannot be overlooked in any way.

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But, there is always a solution. Recovery is possible, and the first step towards getting better is to seek help. You are allowed to talk to friends, family, teachers or anyone about your mental health. If you are suffering through a mental illness, don’t be afraid to speak up and seek professional help! Above all, stay positive and social, and try your best to be mentally fit at all times. Remember to make your mental health a priority and know that you are not alone in this!