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Keep your Stomach naturally Cool for the best Digestive health- Here’s how!

Keep your Stomach naturally Cool for the best Digestive health- Here’s how! April 28, 2019Leave a comment

We all know the perils owing to an upset stomach. As the temperatures soar, it is necessary to keep the stomach cool in order for it to function well. During summers, stomach heat is is one of the major concerns. It is caused by the excessive heat generated as a result of a speedy digestive process. 

It may seem like a minor problem, however, stomach heat should be brought under control; otherwise, it may cause serious health complications. Let us look at some foods to cure it naturally:

1. Curd/Plain Yoghurt

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Curd or plain yoghurt helps to increase the good bacteria in your gut which release the heat and aid in digestion. You can also use buttermilk as an alternative to getting relief from stomach heat.

2. Cold Milk

Milk directly helps to bring down the temperature in the stomach thereby reducing the acid levels. Cold milk has soothing properties which cure uneasiness caused due to stomach heat.

3. Plain Boiled Rice

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Plain boiled white rice cools the stomach and increases the water content. You can either eat the rice as it is or mix it with plain yoghurt.

4. Herbs

Herbs with cooling properties like mint and chamomile reduce the heat in the stomach. You can sip on tea made out of these herbs to relieve your tummy of excessive acid levels.

5. Coconut Water

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Due to its alkaline nature, this miracle drink neutralises the acid levels in the stomach. Furthermore, coconut water also cools the lining of the stomach.

6. Water-rich foods

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Water-rich fruits and veggies like watermelon, cucumber and peaches cool down the heat and ensure proper functioning of your digestive system. But, one must stay away from citrus foods as they end up increasing the acid levels in the stomach.

Remember, the key to proper digestion is not just eating the right food but also staying away from foods which may cause your stomach to heat up such as- chillies, garlic, onions, meat, etc, which disrupt the digestion process.