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From being Homeless to featuring in Forbes: The Journey of this Photographer is all the Motivation you need

From being Homeless to featuring in Forbes: The Journey of this Photographer is all the Motivation you need August 13, 2019Leave a comment

Photographer Vicky Roy’s journey from the ‘walk of shame’ to the ‘hall of fame’ has taken social media by storm. A Facebook page named ‘Humans Of Bombay’ shared his inspiring journey and since then the post has garnered heaps of praises from people all over the world.

The days of Struggle:

The Facebook post describes in detail how Mr Roy had run away from home hoping for a better life. At the age of 11, Roy arrived in Delhi. He says, “When I came here, I had to rag pick, sell water in trains and sleep in open grounds so that I wouldn’t starve to death.” Furthermore, in the post, Roy recalls how he survived on other people’s leftovers while working as a dishwasher in a dhaba.

A Ray of Hope:

Fortunately for Roy, his life became better when a doctor put him in touch with an NGO. The ‘Salaam Balak Trust’ which helps rehabilitate abandoned kids, became a safe haven for Roy. He says, “There life got better. I’d get 3 meals a day, clothes to wear and a roof over my head. They even put me in school.”

The turning point:

The turning point in Roy’s life came when a British photographer visited the NGO. “I was so fascinated by his work. Living on the streets showed me shades of humanity that I’d never seen before, and I wanted to show it in photos just like he did,” says Roy.

The NGO where Roy was staying at, provided him a camera when he was 18 years old. Apart from the camera costing Rs. 499, the NGO also helped the lad secure an internship with a local photographer. Since then, the budding photographer got so engrossed with his passion that he never looked back.

The Beginning of a never-ending Dream:

Roy’s first solo exhibition was titled ‘Street Dreams’. Like a guardian angel, the British photographer who inspired Roy, also helped him curate this exhibition. Roy is ecstatic about the fact that people have started buying his photos. Moreover, the photographer now gets to travel the world, courtesy of his work.

Now a renowned photographer, Vicky Roy says, “I’d never even imagined that I’d be able to change my destiny, to this extent.” Not only did he feature in Forbes Asia 30 under 30 list in 2016, but he was also awarded the MIT Media Fellowship in 2014.

If passion and hard work can get a homeless boy this far, what’s holding you back?

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