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Best Places in India to have a delicious Iftaar meal.

Best Places in India to have a delicious Iftaar meal. June 4, 2019Leave a comment

If you are a gourmand, then the holy month of Ramzan has to be among the most eventful events of the year for you. Ramzan is among the most vibrant festivities celebrated in India where streets are enthralled with succulent kebabs and other mouth-watering dishes. So, let’s talk about the best places in India to have an Iftaar meal.

Delhi is among the top places to enjoy the appetizing dishes during Ramzan. The quality and variety found in Delhi are beyond description. From kebabs, chicken to mutton, you will find distinct varieties of these palatable dishes. Even sweets like Malpua, Jalebi are hard to resist.

Surat is another top-notch destination, to visit for a mesmerizing Iftaar party. The unlikely destination has a lot to offer during Ramzan. Rander, an area in Surat with Muslim majority, has a lot of distinct spices to offer during Ramzan. From Silver chicken, Keema Parathas, Masala Chicken, it offers a variety of dishes.

Ahmedabad, the city has enough delicious and tangy food to offer during Ramzan. Some of the famous dishes of Ahmedabad worth mentioning are Haleem, Keema Paranthas, Seekh Kebab and Chicken Dona.

Hyderabad is another favourite destination for food lovers during Ramzan. From its iconic Biryani to Kebabs and mutton, it’s a destination hard to resist. Another wonderful destination for a nice Iftaar meal is Lucknow. The city offers a variety of dishes ranging from Kebab, Kulcha, Nihari, Paya, Sheermal etc. 

Incase, you are looking for a Grand yet Traditional Ramzan special meal, look no further than the places mentioned here.