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Do we succeed in life more, when we learn in our Mother Tongue ?

Children grasp knowledge better when they learn in their native language

Do we succeed in life more, when we learn in our Mother Tongue ? February 26, 2019Leave a comment

English is a global language in this day and age. It’s the global business language, and also the teaching language. But is it effective to learn everything like science and physics in English or in your own mother tongue ?

As per scientists, Children, learning subjects in their mother tongue have more IQ and more knowledge of the subjects than if taught in English. Why is that ?

Its more to do with the brain than the tongue. As a foetus in the womb, a baby can hear voices outside spoken in the mother tongue, for eg. Marathi or Hindi. The child comes into the world with a part of the brain that will respond to its mother tongue only. As they grow the first initial years, at home they are spoken to in their mother tongue. Suddenly, one day they start going to school and a whole new language, like English is introduced to them. Get the drift !

Adjusting to an entire new language , all of a sudden, with practically evetything taught in that language, the child struggles , at first to form sentences and also to absorb the concepts.

As against a child , who goes to a school that teaches in his or her mother tongue, the barrier of learning a new language and everything in it is dissolved. Hence, concepts are clearer and knowledge is easily imbibed. And the language like English, can be learnt at anytime before the child turns 15 years.

So next time you want your child to excel, know which school to look out for. Even if it is and English medium school, look for great emphasis on the mother tongue.Language in all its forms is great, the way you use it or how you master it should matter, and not which language.