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“Color Psychology”- Find out what your favorite color says about your personality!

“Color Psychology”- Find out what your favorite color says about your personality! May 30, 2019Leave a comment

“What is your favorite color?” is one of the most common questions asked on earth today. It seems like a harmless and small question- but has a way deeper implications behind it. According to Color Psychology, your fav color can say a lot about the type of person you are. Find out what your favorite shade of hue says about your personality!


If your favorite color is yellow, you are a little ditzy, yet extremely good at heart! You are also always smiling and happy with an optimistic view of life, and come with endless energy and enthusiasm!

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If you love green, you are also a lover of the outdoors and nature. You are also an extremely logical and efficient problem solver. Apart from that, you have a secret sympathetic and caring side!

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If your favorite color is orange, it’s in your nature to be happy and joyful. You are also determined and creative, and a fun person to be around! Furthermore, you are enthusiastic about the things you love and creative in life.

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If you love blue, you are calm and composed in all situations thrown towards you. You are also level-headed and possess excellent leadership qualities. Furthermore, you are wise beyond your years and give the best advice!

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If your favorite color is red, you are bold and energetic in life. You come off as a strong and powerful person and love being the center of attention! Furthermore, you are passionate and emotional about things you love as well.

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If you love purple, you can be a bit of a diva in life. You are also hard-working and ambitious and never give up any challenges. Furthermore, you are loyal to your loved ones and will do anything to make them happy!

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If your favorite color is pink, you have a soft, caring nature, You are also shy and quiet, but very philosophical. You are a sweet, cuddly person who is kind to everyone. But, you have a hidden playful and powerful side as well!

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If you love white, you are innocent and calm in life. You hate messy things and want everything to be clean and tidy. Furthermore, you always strive to do the right thing in life, sometimes at great costs!

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If your favorite color is black, you are rebellious in nature. You are also snarky and adventurous, with a mysterious aura surrounding you. On the surface, you may seem simple, but you are a tangled web of complications on the inside.

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Did you find your favorite color? The next time you ask someone their favorite color, we are sure you will learn a lot about them through this simple question.