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Coldest Region In The World Where Sun Comes Only For 3 Hours In Winter

Coldest Region In The World Where Sun Comes Only For 3 Hours In Winter January 2, 2020Leave a comment

Sakha district (Yakutia) of northeastern Russia is the coldest human settlement in the world. Oymyakon is a village here. In the Sama dialect of Siberia, Omycon means water that is not frozen. However, rivers remain frozen in this area for most of the year.

This time too, schools will be discharged only when the temperature goes below -520. Nowadays it is mercury-440. So everything is normal. Yakutia has a population of 3 lakhs. There is school, post office, bank, even runway. There are hospitals and doctors in every village. The area is undoubtedly chopped from the world, but everything needed here is present.

Oymyakon is about 3,300 miles east of Moscow. Here the mercury falls to -58 degrees in winter. Despite this, it is a great tourist destination. This time also people have come here to hunt deer. There is no shortage of ice, so artists are seen making effigies of ice.


It took two days to reach here by car from Moscow. The biggest challenge here is to bury the dead. The soil is so hard that it takes several days to dig a grave. The soil has to be softened by burning the bonfire on the ground. After digging a few inches, the bonfire has to be lit again.

From shoes to clothes, everything is made from Reindeer skin

Fuel freezing of cars is common in Yakutia. The gears suddenly become jammed. That is why heat garages are in place. If the car has to be left outside, it has to be kept operational. The ink of the pen freezes. People get heat only from clothes made of animal skin.

Shoes are also made of fur. It uses deer skin. There are shops, schools, sport centers and cafes in all villages. Yakutia is rich in natural values ​​such as gas, gold, diamond and coal. This is why people are rich.