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8 Ayurvedic foods which will Help you reduce the Craving for Tobacco

8 Ayurvedic foods which will Help you reduce the Craving for Tobacco April 25, 2019Leave a comment

Since time immemorial, much has been said about the harmful effects of tobacco. Every person who uses tobacco- in any of its forms- is aware of the fact that this habit could eventually kill them and yet they continue the use of this harmful substance. Tobacco has carcinogenic properties which lead to a variety of cancers and other ailments. Despite knowing all this, people are unwilling to stop the use of tobacco.

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Due to increasing cases of cancers and deaths caused by the use of tobacco, the World Health Organisation is trying its very best to spread awareness among people. Every year, 31st May is observed as World No-Tobacco Day. Its aim is to draw people’s attention to the widespread use of tobacco and its negative effects on health which lead to over 7 million deaths a year.

Now, before you start judging tobacco users, there’s something you need to know. While many addicts intend to give up this harmful substance, an addictive and poisonous drug called Nicotine makes it almost impossible for people to stop using tobacco. So, here we present 8Ayurvedic foods to help you reduce the craving for tobacco:

1. Herbal Tea

A herbal tea made with equal amounts of jatasmi, brahmi andchamomile reduces the urge to use tobacco. Mix 1 teaspoon of this blend in a cup of hot water, and drink it sip by sip, to relieve the desire to smoke.

2. Ginger

Ginger has Sulphur compounds which help in reducing tobacco addiction. Soak pieces of ginger in lemon juice, sprinkle black pepper and store it in a container. Whenever you get the urge to use tobacco or smoke, just suck into the pieces of ginger and you will notice the difference. You can also use pieces of dried pineapple and honey to do the trick. 

3. Ginseng

This magical root not only reduces cravings but also helps the body to deal withdrawal symptoms like mood swings, irritability and stress. 

4. Ajwain

Regularly chewing the seeds of ajwain when you crave for tobacco, will help you do away with tobacco addiction.

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5. Cinnamon

Whenever you feel the urge to use tobacco, consume a piece of cinnamon. It will definitely help you deal with the craving.

6. Triphala

Consuming one tablespoon of Triphala every night helps in clearing the toxic elements from your body which in turn reduces the craving for tobacco use.

7. Tulsi leaves

Chewing on 2-3 leaves of Holy basil every morning and evening helps reduce the craving for tobacco usage. It also helps cure problems caused by the earlier usage of tobacco.

8. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha helps the body rid toxins and alleviate anxiety levels. Taking 450 mg to 2 g of ashwagandha powder can relieve you of tobacco addiction.

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Even though it may take time and patience to get rid of tobacco addiction, each time you resist the urge to use tobacco, you’re one step closer to a healthy life!