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7 Divine Events which Highlight the significance of ‘Akshaya Tritiya’

7 Divine Events which Highlight the significance of ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ May 7, 2019Leave a comment

Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar and more so, to make new purchases, especially Gold. It is also known as Akha Teej and is celebrated by most Hindus.

Akshaya Tritiya, is a power pack of 24 hours of Good luck. ‘Akshaya’ means a non-diminishing and everlasting, and the word ‘Tritiya’ refers to the third moon phase, which shrouds the secrets of ever-growing wealth.

Let’s look at the Divine events according to our Vedic scriptures, that highlight this Day:

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1. In Shiv Puran, Kubera, the Lord of Wealth, was then made the Lord of riches and banker of heaven by Lord Shiva.

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2. The holy River Ganga came down to earth on this very day. She was called upon the earth by Lord Shiva, according to Shiv Puran.

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3. Lord Krishna granted his childhood friend Sudama, with all material riches, according to Shri Krishna Purana.

4. Goddess Parvati, on this day, incarnated as Goddess Annapurna, the goddess who feeds the entire universe, according to Devi Puran.

5. ‘Akshaya Patra’ a divine bowl which miraculously produced Food, was gifted by Lord Krishna to Draupadi. This was during their exile period and mentioned in Mahabharata.

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6. Veda Vyasa, the author of Indian Epic Mahabharata, started the narration on this very day and Lord Ganesha wrote it.

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7. Parasurama, the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born to Rishi Jamadagni and his wife Renuka on this day.

All these events have been mentioned in the sacred scriptures of Hinduism, but the scientific truth is that the cosmic alignment of this day is so auspicious that energy and conscience of every human vibrates at a higher frequency.