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5 Most Happening Places in India You must visit on Dussehra!

5 Most Happening Places in India You must visit on Dussehra! October 7, 2019Leave a comment

Dussehra is here, the most celebrated Indian festival! Call it Dasara, Navratri, Dusshera or Golu, the enthusiasm is same everywhere! Be it a village or a metro city, the city is lit with grand lights, crackers are busted and the Ravana effigies are burnt!

Here are the 5 most happening places in India to visit during Dussehra!

1) Kolkata , Durga Puja:

Durga Puja is the most awaited festival of West Bengal. The city is lit with colors and excitement. The ethnic cloths are worn, Rabindra Sangeet is performed. On every street you can find the Pandals. The ladies wear Laal Paar saree with Shaakha Polas, the traditional bangles. The last day of Durga Puja is called Sindoor Khela where married ladies play with sindoor with each other. Widows and unmarried women have been forbidden to perform this act.


2) Mysore, Dasara:

The tradition goes back to 400 years. The Mysore Palace is lit for 10 days with the thousands of grand lights. Palace is the center of attraction while Dasara. There are several forms of dance and music performed in the Palace. The Elephant procession starts from the palace and marches towards the ground. Dasara in Mysore gives a ‘mela’ feels.


 3) Gujarat, Navaratri:

The Navratri in Gujarat is the most awaited and celebrated festival. 9 days of celebration is done in a grand way with Garba and dandiyas. The traditional outfit for Garba is called Chaniya Choli. You can see the Garba songs being played in every lane. The environment in Gujarat during Navratri is full of smiles and garba!


4) Varanasi, Dusshera:

The celebration done here has an amalgamation of Delhi and West Bengal culture. 15 kms away from Varanasi, Ramnagar enacts the most outstanding Ramleela in the country. The tradition of Ramleela was started by the King of Kashi.


5) Kullu, Dussehra:

The idols of Gods and Goddesses are carried on heads and there’s a procession towards the main ground where they meet the real god, Lord Raghunath. It is celebrated for 7 days. On the last day, the procession marches towards the river Beas and pile of wood is set on fire. The burning wooden pile signifies the end of Ravana’s Lanka. The real Himachali culture can be witnessed here during Dussehra.


These are the most happening and popular Dussehra celebrations in India. People across the world travel here to witness the colors of India.

Do visit one of these places during Dussehra!