India and Myanmar Joint strikes across Border

India and Myanmar Joint strikes across Border March 16, 2019Leave a comment

Indian Army forces carried out a joint strike operation with Myanmar Army and successfully wiped out terrorist camps near the Mizoram border. With the help of Assam Rifles, the army coordinated with the Myanmar Army, to trace and destroy terrorist camps made by the Arakan Army, a terrorist group which threatens the security of India’s North-Eastern borders and the Kaladan project.

Just weeks after India carried out the IAF strikes inside Pakistan to secure itself, this recent surgical strike successfully destroyed the camps of terrorist groups present across the Indo-Myanmar border.

The Arakan Army was a Myanmar based terrorist outfit. India has helped bust such 10 insurgent camps which were a huge threat to the Kaladan project. It has been confirmed that about 12000 Indian troops were deployed to categorically strike the camps.

In many ways in the past 1 month, India has proved that it will not be a silent spectator to terrorism anymore. The Government surely has intervened to strike back who is a threat to the country’s security.