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Raksha Bandhan: All You Need to Know about This Festival of Love!

Raksha Bandhan: All You Need to Know about This Festival of Love! August 11, 2019Leave a comment

Brother and sister share one of the purest forms of love. The relationship between siblings is simply unique and considered sacred all around the world. India celebrates this beautiful bond with ‘Raksha Bandhan’, a festival dedicated to sibling love.

Raksha Bandhan, literally meaning the ‘Bond of Protection’, is a special Hindu festival celebrated in India, as well as in countries like Nepal, Pakistan, and Mauritius. It is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of ‘Shravana’, which coincides with the August month.

Importance of Raksha Bandhan:

The festival symbolizes eternal love of a brother-sister relationship. Raksha Bandhan is not limited only to blood relationships. It is also celebrated with cousins, sister-in-laws, fraternal aunts, and other such relations.

Origin of the Festival:

Like many Hindu festivals and rituals, the origins of Raksha Bandhan can be traced to the mythological stories. There are many legends and tales in Hindu mythology that glorify the sacred relation between a brother and a sister. The festival is celebrated in honour of those stories and values they teach us.

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, the sister ties a rakhi around the wrist of her brother in order to pray for his prosperity, health and well-being. In return, he promises to protect his sister from all ills and offers her gifts. It’s a day celebrated by the whole family!