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Mattur: The only Sanskrit speaking village in India

Mattur: The only Sanskrit speaking village in India August 18, 2019Leave a comment

Mattur, a pleasant village in the Shimoga District of Karnataka is known as the only Sanskrit speaking village in India. Sanskrit is not only the main language among the people, but it is also the only language spoken in Mattur.

The Sankethis are a community among the Brahmins who migrated from Kerala about 600 years ago and settled here in Mattur. Their daily lives revolve around Sanskrit.

Every person living in Mattur Understand and converse in Sanskrit. The kids are introduced to Sanskrit teaching at a very young age at a place called the Pathshala.

Many tourists have often visited Mattur to complete a crash course of Sanskrit from these Pathshalas and learn the roots of the language.

The people living in the village are like one huge family, hence the crime rate here is extremely low as everybody lives in harmony.

They also marry within the community and do not support the system of inter-caste marriage.

Only 1% Population in the whole of India speak Sanskrit and the fact that each and every person in this village speak the language is a unique fact.

The people here are always open to teach Sanskrit to the outsiders. Their main aim is to keep the culture and tradition of Sanskrit alive in the years to come