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Hyderabad Police releases Dos and Don’ts for women to stop rape, but what about men!

Police releases Dos and Don'ts for women!

Hyderabad Police releases Dos and Don’ts for women to stop rape, but what about men! December 3, 2019Leave a comment

The inhuman act which shook the nation of its roots caused a burst of outrage throughout India. People are demanding justice for Priyanka and want the culprits to be hanged soon. The wave of fury has spread across the country and students are on streets to prevent rapes and are fighting for the rights of women. Among these protests, Hyderabad police have released a 16-point advisory, which includes Dos and Don’ts for women safety. Many people find the advisory one-sided and feel these are further restrictions on the free rights of women. Netizen expressed their reactions on twitter against the advisory and circled the police for their act!

A user gave an angry reaction and stated women are not safe in their homes even with the doors locked! And asked how is this advisory going to help them?

One Netizen replied by stating that the parents should be given an advisory to teach their kids how to behave!

Another user compared Hyderabad police with Taliban for issuing such women-centered advisory!

This user expressed an outrage by saying it is the police who delayed noting down the complaints and they should issue advisory for themselves to work better!

Another user replied to release an advisory for men about the consequences they will face for their inhuman actions!

This user gave a powerful message stating the men need an advisory for not raping women and not women. Every year there is an increase in the number of rape victims in the country and its time for severe punishment for such culprits. The rapists should think twice before committing such a gruesome act.