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Get to know your PM like Never before! Modi Ji gets Candid in a “non-political interaction” with Akshay Kumar

Get to know your PM like Never before! Modi Ji gets Candid in a “non-political interaction” with Akshay Kumar April 24, 2019Leave a comment

The Khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to announce his “non-political interaction” with PM Narendra Modi. The two men talked at length and discussed a great deal about the Prime Minister’s life, taking a “breather” from political conversations.

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PM Modi didn’t shy away from answering questions thrown at him by the renowned actor and gave some interesting insights into his life and ideologies. From revealing about his closeness with opposition leaders, to discussing his journey as a Prime minister, here are the highlights of the conversation, the duo had:

On his Image as a Strict Administrator-

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PM Modi said, “See, this image is wrong. I just have to get the job done. I often have to stay at work for so long. People sometimes see me working for so long. You cannot get the job done by being strict, it’s better to lead by example.”

When asked about his thoughts on becoming India’s Prime Minister-

The BJP leader said, “A common person doesn’t think that. The kind of background I come from, even if I got a simple job, my mother would have been distributing ladoos to neighbours.”

Here’s what the Prime Minister had to say about his Bank Account-

“When I was in school, people from Dena Bank came and gave us a piggy bank. I never had enough money. Later, the bank officials tracked me and they wanted to close the account due to inactivity. Thirty-two years later, they told me I had an account since childhood. When I became chief minister, salary used to get credited. I told them I wanted to give away the money, they tried to dissuade me, saying I had cases against me and I might need it, but I insisted I wanted to give Rs. 21 lakh from the bank account to people in need.”

PM Modi considers himself a Wanderer-

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He said, “I found answers to my own questions. I have been on my own since I was very young. That led to a feeling of detachment. Later, even if I called my mother to live with me, she wanted to spend time in her village. Also, I didn’t get enough time to spend with her.”

The Prime Minister’s take on Anger-

“I don’t get angry easily. But it’s a part of human nature. These are emotions that just spread negativity. Right from the time I was a peon, I have never had an opportunity to express anger. There’s a difference between anger and being strict. You just have to ensure discipline at times.”

PM Modi’s take on how to deal with Anger-

Sharing his ways to deal with emotions, Modi ji said, “Whenever I got overwhelmed with emotions, I would write it all on a paper. Then I would analyse it. This helped me realise my own mistakes. But of course I no longer have that much time. This is how I trained myself to respond to situations.”

Revealing that Mamata Banerjee still sends him Gifts, here’s what the PM said-

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“People will be surprised and I should not say this in the election season, but Mamata didi sends me gifts every year. She still sends me one or two kurtas that she picks herself a year,” During the interaction, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also responded to a question on whether he had friends in the opposition. He responded to the question saying, “Yes, very good friends, we share meals too.”

As the citizens of this Country we feel privileged to see the Prime Minister get so candid and share such insights into his life with us common people. Also, we do have a lot to thank Actor Akshay Kumar for, for letting us get a sneak peak into the PM’s life.