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From Kerala Jail to Your Home: Biryani Combo Cooked by Inmates Goes Online!

From Kerala Jail to Your Home: Biryani Combo Cooked by Inmates Goes Online! July 12, 2019Leave a comment

Remember those gloomy scenes from Bollywood films where our hero is misled to jail, and served the ‘jail food’? From what we have seen on the big screen, jail food is hard rotis and a disgusting-looking vegetable served in an aluminium plate. Right?

Wrong. The Viyyur Central Jail in Kerala is actually famous for its food. So famous, that they even sell it online. It all began with an enterprise called ‘Freedom Food Factory’ which sells food prepared by inmates at Kerala’s prisons since 2011.

According to Nirmalanandan Nair, the Superintendent of Viyyur Central Jail, they sell various biryanis, non-veg curries, bakery items and more. They already have counter sales, but now wish to expand the business by going online.

The first item sold exclusively online, and delivered to customer’s homes through a food-delivery app is the ‘Biryani Combo’. This combo, priced at Rs. 127 will include: 300 gram of Biryani rice, 1 roasted chicken leg piece, 3 chapatis, a cupcake, salad, pickle, bottled water, and a plantain leaf to eat the food.

Currently, around 100 inmates produce 25,000 chapatis and over 500 biryanis each day. All this food is prepared under the supervision on jail officials. The quality and low price of this food has already made it popular among people, and the new online venture has made it a massive hit.

What do you think about this initiative? Would you like to eat food made in jail? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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