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Acid Attacks termed as “Uncivilised and Heartless crimes” yet Sold openly in India

Acid Attacks termed as “Uncivilised and Heartless crimes” yet Sold openly in India March 19, 2019Leave a comment

Acid Attack- A Crime

The Supreme Court termed Acid Attacks as “uncivilised and heartless crimes” in which culprits deserved no clemency. This statement was given by the apex court while deciding on an appeal filed by the Himachal Pradesh government.

This appeal was against a 2018 judgement of HC which reduced the 10-year jail term of culprits to half.

The judgement given by the Supreme Court

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Justices AM Khanwilkar and Ajay Rastogi observed, “A crime of this nature does not deserve any kind of clemency. This court cannot be oblivious of the situation that the victim must have suffered an emotional distress, which cannot be compensated either by sentencing the accused or by grant of any compensation.”

The Bench of justices ordered the two culprits to pay Rs 1.5 lakh each to the 19-year-old victim. Notably, the duo had already completed their jail term of five years.

Punishment for Acid Attacks

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In India, Acid Attacks is considered a criminal offence. Since 2013, culprits are punishable by up to 10 years of imprisonment. Even after implementing stringent laws regarding this menace, acid attacks seem to be growing day by day. Approximately 250 to 300 cases of acid attacks are reported every year.

Supreme Court’s Order on Purchasing Acid

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As per the Supreme Court order of 2013, acid-sale licences are allotted only to selected retailers. Apart from this, people buying acid have to mandatorily produce address proof and a photo for identification puroposes.

Similarly, Minors are completely restricted from purchasing the volatile liquid. However, these regulations are hardly followed in India.

The Reality

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In reality, the number of acid attacks is higher than seen on papers as most cases are not reported due to the complications surrounding it. Moreover, acid sale in India is prevalent with a five-litre bottle of hydrochloric acid being sold for as little as Rs. 100 in some places.