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Cow Dung Cakes, Coconut Shells Are All The Rage on Amazon & Flipkart – The Price Will Shock You!

Cow Dung Cakes, Coconut Shells Are All The Rage on Amazon & Flipkart – The Price Will Shock You! May 20, 2019Leave a comment

E-commerce websites have made shopping easier than ever. Amazon, ‘The
Very Home of Indian Dreams (India ke Sapnonki Apni Dukaan)’, and
Flipkart, where ‘Every Wish Comes True (Ab Har Wish Hogi Puri)’ allow
users to get anything they like at click of a button.

It can be very tempting to browse through wide catalogues of these websites, with things you like and want popping up everywhere. It is the effect of globalization, which was meant to make the world a ‘Global Village’. Some smart sellers on the platforms took this term rather literally, and the results are spectacular. Here are some of the funniest items on sale on Amazon and Flipkart, and user reviews even funnier.

Coconut Shell Bowls and Cups

We live in an age where natural and organic items are of high importance. Perhaps you are very conscious about your health. Imagine having your dessert (or whatever you prefer) from a cup that’s made from a completely natural material. Amazon sells cups made from coconut shell for as cheap as Rs. 2,499, which otherwise can be bought for around 2 rupees in local markets.

Cow Dung Cakes

If you want to go a step further and use biofuel because you have environmental concerns, or just prefer it this way, both Amazon and Flipkart sell Cakes made from pure cow dung for about a thousand rupees. But worry not, it often has discounts worth as much as 80 percent.

User Reviews

Netizens from India never fail to post sarcastic comments of just about anything. The products mentioned above are no exceptions, with one guy planning to gift the cow dung cakes as a gift to his wife on their anniversary. Whoever be the actual user of these products, it is fascinating to see them listed on global e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart. There’s a reason we call this country ‘Incredible India’!