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10 Best MEMES of 10 Year Challenge

2009 - 2019

10 Best MEMES of 10 Year Challenge February 27, 2019Leave a comment

This year of 2019 has made an entry with a very fun challenge #10yearchallenge and trust me no one is spared from this challenge. Everyone starting from the celebrities to the most common man has been targeted by this challenge and it has been one of the most fun of all the challenges so far. If there is a challenge there have to be memes! Nowadays the entire social media is running on the basis of memes. So how could have this challenge be spared? So, here are the top 10 memes of the 10 year challenge.

Well somethings don’t change! Do they? Trust me they never will.

In this era of Iphones and poor battery backups we do miss Nokia’s exceptional battery backups! Don’t we?

Somethings do change over the time! And it has definitely changed for Malaika Arora as you can tell. We all know that Arjun and Malaika are dating now

Nowadays stone cold heart is all people have. Isn’t it?

The most painful change ever! Toblerone is the most loved chocolate of all.

Once broke! Always broke! The real pain lies inside of a man’s wallet.

Crying literally! Wish if we could go back to that time again.

Somethings change for good. The power couple finally got married.

The real player! For Ranbir Kapoor somethings (actually many) changed over these 10 years.