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What this 11-year-old did to Save her friend from a Crocodile will send Shivers down your Spine!

What this 11-year-old did to Save her friend from a Crocodile will send Shivers down your Spine! October 30, 2019Leave a comment

A day at the pool sounds fun. Likewise, swimming in a river can fuel your adrenaline further. But that’s just so until crocodiles come into play.

A child drinks water from a stream

Crocodile attacks have become rampant in Sinderela Village in the African nation of Zimbabwe. The problem can be attributed to the shortage of water supply. Scarcity of water in the area has lead to women and children resorting to unprotected sources of water; even the ones infested with crocodiles. While women keep a close watch on their children, the naughty ones break free for a quick swim.

Crocodile attacks a 9-year-old girl

Children enjoying a swim in the river

It was just another day at the stream when 11-year-old Rebecca Munkombwe thought she heard the screams of a girl nearby. Upon closer inspection, she realised that her friend, 9-year-old Latoya Muwani, was gripped by a crocodile.

The reptile attacked Latoya while she was swimming with her friends. It was apparently pulling her down to the depths of the stream. Without wasting time, Rebecca jumped on the crocodile’s back, thrashing and poking at its eyes until it let go of Latoya.

Rescuing her friend from the Crocodile

Gigantic crocodiles baring their teeth

According to the witnesses, the crocodile had grabbed Latoya by her limbs. It let go of her only after Rebecca wrestled and kept on gouging its eyes.

Rebecca said, “I was eldest among all the children who were swimming. Hence, I felt the urge to save her.”

“Once Latoya was free, I swam with her to the banks. The crocodile did not attack us again,” she further said.

What happened at the hospital!

St Patrick’s Hospital, Zimbabwe

While Rebecca managed to escape unhurt, her friend was taken to St Patrick’s Hospital with mild injuries.

Latoya’s father expressed his awe at how an 11-year-old managed to save his daughter from a crocodile. He said, “I am grateful to God”, further adding that Latoya was recovering and he expected her to be discharged soon.

Availability of clean water puts a smile on children’s faces

Crocodile attacks, although rampant, can be prevented. Water bodies infested with the reptiles must be avoided, however, this can only happen if people are supplied with enough clean water for daily use.