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Know the Logic Behind Offering Water To Sun God!

#factcheck for the Centuries belief of traditionally offering Water to the Rising Sun

Know the Logic Behind Offering Water To Sun God! November 1, 2019Leave a comment

SUN is the source of energy for the whole universe and in the Vedic astrology, it is considered as the most significant source of health for eyes, social prestige, family and profession. Since ancient times people give ‘araka’ or offer water to the rising sun. We all know that it is done to strengthen a particular star in our horoscope. But do you know the logic behind it and the right way of doing this ritual? The right way to offer ‘araka’ or water to the Sun, is to rise within an hour of Sun rise, take a bath and wear clean clothes. Then, take a copper vessel and fill it with water. Also, Add sugar or honey to it.

Then, find a place where you can see the Sun, which will obviously be the East Direction, and start pouring the water slowly. Remember, It is very important to look at the Sun’s rays through the stream of water, while you do so. As Offering water to the Sun, without looking at it’s rays won’t be beneficial at all. The Logic to this is :

The spectrum of sun-rays refracts through the water, impacting us positively from head to toe. As a result of which, we automatically gain ‘therapy through rays of the Sun. On the health front, this exercise improves your eyesight and freshens the mind.

Why Use a Copper Vessel ? Copper was used extensively in the ancient Vedic times. It was used during pooja and was considered a symbol of abundance. Besides this Copper has great medicinal benefits and water stored in such vessels gets fortified.

When performing the Sun Worship , remember to chant these Mantras:

 ” Om Ghrinim Surya Adityamu ” and ” Om Suryaaya namaha” atleast 11 times as you offer water to Sun. That is because it is the optimum time which is required for the Sun rays, to have a beneficial effect on the human body.