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Thalis like never before: Don’t claim to be a foodie if you haven’t tried them yet!

Thalis like never before: Don’t claim to be a foodie if you haven’t tried them yet! September 16, 2019Leave a comment

While we love our Pizzas and Burgers, there are times when we just crave for the variety a good old thali has to offer. Across India, there is a multitude of thalis which are a combination of unique and mouth-watering dishes.


Ideally, a humble thali consists of rice, chapati, few curries, mixed vegetables, salad, pickles, chutneys, papad and desserts. The composition of the thali may vary location-wise. For instance, in the southern regions of India, chapati is generally replaced with dosa or other items.


All Indians love to eat. What’s more interesting, is that fact that most of us believe that the states we come from, offer the best thalis. If you think so too, here are 3 creative thalis which will definitely change your opinion. Also, if you’re reading about them for the first time, don’t call yourself a Foodie!


1. Baahubali Thali:

The movie Baahubali was a massive hit not just in India, but throughout the world. Given the fame, many restaurants serve dishes named after the movie. But the most famous one is served at ‘House Of Paratha’.

The Baahubali thali consists of Kattapa Biryani, Sivagami Shaahi Pakwan, Bhalladeva Patiala Lassi, Devasena Paratha and the star of the thali- Baahubali Paratha. But hold on, there’s more. The thali also consists of 5 types of fried snacks, 5 varieties of desserts, a drink/shake, salad, pickles, chutney and 3 types of ice cream.

All this, served in a giant thali, make for a great Indian feast.


2. Article 370 Thali:

Ardor 2.1, a restaurant in Connaught Place is famous for its unique thalis. A while ago, the restaurant was in news for serving ‘Article 370’ thali with a special discount of Rs 370 to anyone with an ID from Jammu and Kashmir. The thali is a combo of flavours from almost all the states, but the actual star is its menu from Jammu and Kashmir. The veg menu includes Kashmiri pulao, dum aaloo, Khameer ki roti, Nadru ki shami, and kahwa. It’s non-veg version offers rogan josh instead of dum aaloo.


3. Modi Ji 56-inch Thali:

The next thali on our list is also from Ardor 2.1. The Modi Ji 56-inch thali AKA the Khali Bali thali was launched as a tribute to Army veterans. The Veg thali consists of delicacies such as paneer tikka, naan, boondi raita, salad, kebabs, veggies, dal and desserts. The non-Veg Thali offers delectable seekh kebabs, chicken tikkas, naan and more. The best part? Both varieties come with unlimited refills.

So, which of these thalis left you salivating? Head out to your nearest restaurant and find out if they offer something as interesting!