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Take that ‘Weekend Vacay’! It is good for You, know how.

Take that ‘Weekend Vacay’! It is good for You, know how. March 8, 2019Leave a comment

Our Lives are busy nowadays, Weekdays and Weekends have very little difference left now. However, taking a dedicated weekend vacation once every quarter will do wondrous benefits to your soul and sanity.

What benefits are we harking about ?

Here are 5 benefits which will make you pack that bag and leave for a holiday :

1) Reduces STRESS and Anxiety : Ofcourse all of us know that a holiday, leads to stress relief. But how, let’s know that here. When you are on a vacay, your mind is allowed to Wander and a wandering mind means unstructured thinking. This induces relaxation to the mind and eventually to the body. And that’s how a vacation relieves you from Stress.

2) Enhances creative thinking: Since you are relaxed and thinking about things that you are not told to think about, it leads to lots of novel and original ideas. It is like a Brain Detox.

3) Enhances Positivity : You eventually relax and think creative and that gives you a fresh start, which in turn makes you feel positive and confident about pretty much everything.

4) Enhanced Vigour and strength: What the mind perceives the body can do , so a relaxed holiday or vacation leads to a refill or refuel of energy, which in turn leads to you being more energetic and vigourous.

5) An Open mind and right perspective: Yes ! This is also one of the benefits. When we are tired through the week or months of working in office or Work related stress, a quick vacation helps in refreshing the mind and ensuring we have a better persepective of our life.

So when are you taking your next Weekend Vacay ?