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Reason why women with Big Booty are the Best Wives!

Know why Women with Big 'Booty' Make Wonderful Wives!

Reason why women with Big Booty are the Best Wives! March 12, 2020Leave a comment

Your booty size is hugely dependent on genetic factors, which shows where you store fat. Research provides plenty of reasons to like every inch of your body.

1. Research show women with big booty have plenty of health benefits.
Many media shows and scientific research tells that these women who are carrying extra weight in their backside and thighs are safe against diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses related to obesity. The extra weight carried in the backside and thighs helps to produce hormones that help metabolize sugar and lipids.

2. These women have much higher IQs.
Women with big booty have higher storage of Omega-3 fatty acids (the good fatty acids), which improves the functions and development of brain.
3.These women are likely to give birth to smart and healthy children.
A study concluded that women with huge booty often have healthy children due to the storage of those above mentioned Omega-3 fatty acids. Research shows that the fat contained in a women’s milk comes from the lower half of her body, which means that this Omega-3s is a part of the baby’s meals.

4. These women are more fertile than the average woman.
There’s a direct link between lower waist-to-hip ratio and irregular menstrual cycles. The regulation of menstrual flow in women leads to more frequent ovulation and higher fertility.
5. Research says Men are biologically captivated by big booty women.
Men are attracted to the curves in a woman’s body, which is augmented by the size of a woman’s posterior.