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Onam Sadhya: A Feast from Heaven served on a Leaf!

Onam Sadhya: A Feast from Heaven served on a Leaf! September 10, 2019Leave a comment

All the Malayalis around the world eagerly wait for Onam every year and one of the main reasons they look forward to it is the heavenly meal that is Onam Sadhya. The Onam Sadhya is cooked on the 10th day of festivities or also known as Thiruvonam in all households to celebrate the annual harvest. The meal is traditionally served on a banana leaf and is lip-smacking.

Let’s read in detail every item that goes into the meal that makes it so mouth-watering.

Rice: The heart of the dish is the big polished brown rice of Kerala which is also known as Kutthari.

Sambhar: The essential gravy of a Malayali also makes it to the Sadhya. Sambhar is a thick gravy made from lentils, drumsticks, tomato, and tamarind with other veggies as per choice.

Rasam: The spices from the south mixed in with tomatoes and tamarind made into a soup-like consistency, adds a royal taste to the meal.

Avial: Thick gravy made out of coconut and fresh vegetables, another essential dish from the meal.

Inji Curry: The star dish of the meal which is famous for its sweet and sour taste made of ginger and tamarind.

Thoran: A salad base dry vegetable that adds a bit more taste to the rice topped with some coconut oil.

Parippu Curry: Also known as dal, this is a simple gravy that does wonder when mixed with rice.

Kichadi: Tastes exactly like raita, this yogurt-based dish adds a bit more kick to the meal.

Banana Chips and Sarkkara Uperi: The banana chips add a bit of a crunch to the meal and the sarkkara uperi is jaggery coated banana chips eaten when the spice kicks in.

Payasam: The meal is incomplete without a dessert and the delicious kheer also called Payasam completes the meal on a perfect note.

Now that you already have water running from your mouth get in touch with your Malayali friends and don’t give this meal a miss.