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Know How to Keep Cool During Hot Summer Time!

Follow These Steps to Keep Cool During Summer Season!

Know How to Keep Cool During Hot Summer Time! May 28, 2020Leave a comment

We all love to explore different ways of chilling ourselves during summer time. We get varieties of advices from our elders, neighbours and anyone who drops in for casual chat. We also tend to click posts on social media related to cool drinks and shakes that instantly cool our body. We will be extra delighted to try the recipe if it is an age old one and it’s weird, but we tend to undoubtedly trust the source if it is being demonstrated by an elderly person!

It’s like a magic when we instantly feel refreshed on drinking a lemonade with a dash of mint leaves. Instead of our favourite flavour of ice-cream we are more than happy to relish a potful of whipped buttermilk with little rock salt, ginger pieces, curry leaves & a pinch of asafoetida. Coconut water is another topper in the list of natural thirst quenchers. Its natural for a housewife to overload her refrigerator with citrus fruits during the peak of summer. There are few other sure shot ways of beating the heat. ‘Vettiver’ or ‘Ramacham’ is a herbal ‘bunch grass’ root that is quite common in South Indian houses as a home remedy for a variety of ailments and a popular health drink. We take a handful of this root, wash it thoroughly, immerse the root in drinking water overnight and consume it just after waking up.

Traditionally, to pep-up the cleaning effect of the water, a herb namely ‘thethankottai’ is simply circled inside mud pots filled with drinking water, after which herbal roots are added. Another common body coolant that has heaps of benefits in keeping the body cool is Tulsi seeds. Just soak it for a few hours in water, make your favourite pulpy fruit juice add a spoon of Tulsi seeds and you are ready to taste the most delicious version of your summer drink. Personally, at home, we all like watermelon juice with a tablespoon of basil seeds. When using fruits like cantaloupe we must not forget to add some palm candy along with basil seeds for that extra sweetness that is little needed for that fruit.

Ice Apple is a palm fruit that is super healthy and the best gift of nature for chilling out the monstrous heat of summertime. Be extraordinarily cool during this summer!