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Kerala has a Spa that’s not for Humans, Guess what? It’s only for Elephants!

Kerala has a Spa that’s not for Humans, Guess what? It’s only for Elephants! September 25, 2019Leave a comment

God’s own country is already famous for its unique culture and tradition. People in Kerala are very fond of animals specially when it comes to the gentle giants, Elephants.

This particular animal has a very long history with the Malayalees as elephants have played a major role in building temples and structures. Elephants are regarded as the mode of transport for Gods and Kings. Many people have Elephants as their pets in Kerala.

The city of Guruvayur has a unique way of showing their love for Elephants. An elephant spa has been set up in the city where dozens of Elephants can be seen in the month of July enjoy a little bit of spa time followed by some scrubs and massages in the Punnathur Kotta Elephant Yard. The spa is just next to the famous Guruvayur temple where Elephants play an important part in religious proceedings.

Elephant Temple processions are a vital part of every temple festival in Kerala. As a way of showing their love for the hard work put in by the Elephants, the people make it a point to give these heavenly creatures a month off to relax and be pampered.

The Sanctuary is now renamed to Annakotta which translates to Elephant Fort which is a 10-acre compound that is home to 50-60 elephants. The treatment and love towards the gentle beasts is truly commendable and should be an example among all of us on how to treat animals.

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