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India to Witness ‘Lunar Eclipse’ on 5th July!

'Lunar Eclipse' on July 5th 2020!

India to Witness ‘Lunar Eclipse’ on 5th July! July 3, 2020Leave a comment

We all had seen an annual Solar eclipse on 21st June 2020, now another eclipse which is a Lunar eclipse will happen on July 5th and then the next one can be seen on Nov 30th 2020.

What exactly is a Lunar eclipse ?
In simple terms when the earth comes in between the sun and the moon,the earth blocks the sunlight from reaching the moon.The shadow of the earth falls on the moon,and the moon will appear as a dark full moon.
Usually the eclipse is of three types,
Total,partial and penumbral .

The eclipse happening on July 5th is going to be a penumbral lunar eclipse,which means the moon will be getting partial earths shadow not completely.When the earth,moon and sun are not in a proper alignment,the penumbral eclipse happens.The lunar eclipse is going to happen during a full moon,that is the reason the moon will appear darker.The last lunar eclipse which was on Jan 10th 2020 was also a penumbral lunar eclipse.
This eclipse will be seen clearly to the people in North America,South America,Australia,Africa and Europe.But to our bad luck,this eclipse will not be visible clearly from India,as India is below the horizon and it will be happening during the day.Sky watchers will be able to see the moon darker and only those who can carefully watch it,can see the eclipse.

The timings of the eclipse would be from 8.37 am and end at 11.22 am.The maximum phase will be at 9.59 am, and last for 2 hours and 45 minutes.
American and European communities have given some specific names to the moon like Buck moon which means a full moon,Hay moon which means hay harvest.
To witness a Solar or Lunar eclipse always wear special glasses and never ever watch the eclipse with a naked eye as it leads to total blindness.