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How to relieve stress in 20 minutes!

Know How to Relieve Stress Instantly!

How to relieve stress in 20 minutes! July 20, 2020Leave a comment

In this busy world, most of us are facing a common problem,that is stress.Stress can be really dangerous if it’s not treated accordingly. It can be classified as physical stress and mental stress. Physical stress is affecting our body which can be as painful as an injury. But here I’m about to share with you a few tips about how to relieve from mental stress in 20 minutes.
If you are too much stressed, you can spend some time with your family or friends and get engaged with them. This will help you to get rid of mental pressure. But what would you do if you are alone in your house or office or wherever? Here are some tips which really works:

1. Sit in a chair by relaxing you neck. Don’t sit straight , your chair should recline at least 25 or 30 degrees.
2. Close your eyes and think of your favorite person.
3. Think of the best moments with them and try to bring a smile in your face\
4. Slowly open your eyes.
5. Take 2 papers. Write down the things that make you stressed in the first one. In the second paper, write down the things that make you happy, your dreams, your achievements etc.
6. Compare both the papers, you can find that comparing to the second paper , the first one don’t have much points.
7. Take the first paper and cut the items you wrote one by one , saying, these will not affect my life as long as I’m determined.YES! I’M DETERMINED.
8. Throw the first paper to the dustbin. And read the second paper with a smile.
9. Now, close your eyes again.
10. Take a deep breath and think about nothing for a minute and that’s it.

You are not the only one suffering form this problem. Every person in some phase of life, experience it. Some people fight with it and become successful while some others fall into depression which can even make their life worse. Know your own problems, fight with them bravely and follow your dreams without getting exhausted.
Stay happy,stay healthy.