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Follow These Habits For Healthy And Happy Life!

Know Essential Tips to Lead a Happy Life!

Follow These Habits For Healthy And Happy Life! June 9, 2020Leave a comment

Today everyone is living a complex life.In the race for money and success we tend to ignore the importance of self love. Mental peace and self reflection are keys of hapiness.Here are some habits to follow for mental and physical well being.
1 . Limit the phone use-Phone is a necessity in today’s world but excessive phone usage not only hampers your family relationships but is bad for your body health also.By unrestrained mobile usage we tend to ignore our family.We get self-centered and sideline our loved ones.Also according to many health experts,smart phone negatively impacts our mental and physical health.Over usage of smart phone may cause stress,weight gain,weaken immune system,creates vision issues,lack of sleep,anxiety,depression and even brain cancer.Hence it is imparative to limit our phone usage.

2 . Eat healthy and stay healthy- Eating healthy is the first step towards a healthy life.Junk food causes obesity and cardiovescular ailments.It drains immune system and body capacity to fight diseases.Accoording to medical experts,over dependence on junk food can damage the brain functioning.Thus we must have a balanced diet and proper nutrition.

3 . Exercise and sweat it out- Physical activity makes you strong from outside and inside. Daily workout will make you feel satisfied and content.We must exercise for atleast 20 minutes daily and five days in a week.Exercise routine will make you more confident about your physique.One can choose from wide variety of fitness workouts like Zumba, Aerobics, Strenghth Training etc.

4 . Be a little spiritual-It is very important to know our strenghths and weeknesses and spirituality makes you introspect your actions.It keeps you down to earth.A spiritual person is closer to God and thus helps you to realise your follies.We should meditate for minimum twenty minutes daily to feel relaxed and refreshed.
5 . Help others- Humanity should be the core of all our actions.We should never be self centered and must take care of others also.Our brain releases oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine when we help others. These harmones uplift our mood and makes us feel gratified.By showering compassion on others,we actually help ourselves.Kindness activates oxytocin,the love harmone,which positively impacts our heart health and builds our self confidence.

By following the above mentioned points ,we can definately bring a positive change in our lives.One must never ignore the need of nourishing our internal self.