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Careful! Staying in AC for a long time can cause these problems!

Staying in AC for long time can be harmful, know why!

Careful! Staying in AC for a long time can cause these problems! May 22, 2020Leave a comment

In summer, the air conditioner gives relief from the hot temperature and makes you feel cool and relaxed, without any noise. This is the reason that AC is now growing faster than fans and coolers. But do you know that your habit can become a threat to your health. Let us know about the loss from AC!

Joint pain: Sitting under low AC temperature not only causes knee problems but also causes stiffness along with pain in all joints of your body and their performance gradually starts to decrease. It can also lead to bone diseases later.
Breathing capacity: Sudden changes in temperature and humidity affect the respiratory system. It has a very dry effect on the skin. AC air infection can increase diseases like asthma. Dust can cause allergies. Air conditioning can cause chronic rhinitis and pharyngitis which is also associated with throat irritation and sores.

Can make skin dry: AC side effects also appear on your skin. One disadvantage of using excessive air conditioners in summer is that your skin may become dry. This skin dryness problem can cause many other skin related problems. This is the reason that instead of using too much air conditioner in summer, use it in a balanced amount and protect yourself from this type of problem.
Fever and tiredness: Staying in the air conditioner for too long can make you feel feverish and tired. Repeatedly changing the temperature of AC can cause headaches and irritability. You may get fever when you come out of a room with an air conditioner, sunlight or a sudden move to a warm place.
Remove the natural ability to tolerate heat: A major disadvantage of using excessive heat in summer is that it affects your ability to tolerate heat naturally. If people who spend a lot of their time in aerated place go out in the heat for some time, then they start feeling restless and their body starts denying their ability to tolerate heat naturally.

Increase electricity bill Air conditioner: This is one of the biggest disadvantages of using excessive such in summer. It is a good thing that the more time you use air conditioner in summer, the more difference will be on your electricity bill. So pay attention to ways of using one moderately instead of using such consistently. By doing this, you will be saved from heat and electricity bills will also come down.