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Call Of Duty (COD): Mobile Tips and Tricks!

Know Amazing Tips and Tricks for Call of Duty (COD) Mobile!

Call Of Duty (COD): Mobile Tips and Tricks! June 23, 2020Leave a comment

The official Call of Duty has been launched in mobile and stunning responses are receiving from the fans mainly because of the iconic multiplayer maps and modes anytime, anywhere. There are many slots like 5v5 deathmatch, Zombie mode and even Sniper vs Sniper battle too, feeling exited, right ? Yes, Activision free Call of Duty had launched all these for free to play on mobile.

The platform is same like the world famous mobile game PUBG. Many similarities are there as both born from the same company Tencent. Voice and text chat and thrilling 3D graphics and sound. Experience the thrill of the world’s most beloved shooter game, now on your phone for easy on-the-go fun.
Playing and winning this iconic multiplayer game with friends in a brand new 100-person battle royale is so hard in terms of survival. Here are some tips and tricks you can apply and win the victory in Call of Duty mobile.
1. Headphone

Same like PUBG, the soundtrack to Call of Duty mobile is stunning and it also helps you get more aware of what is happening around you. You will be able to pinpoint footsteps, listen for the cough of a silenced sniper rifle and much more if you can hear them clearly. Playing with headphones is a professional move. So don’t forget to gear it up first.
2. Turn up the brightness of your mobile

Legend says, What you see is what you shoot. The brighter the better, so turn off auto brightness, turn up the levels and make sure night mode or the read mode is not on, as it will skew the visuals.
3. Control Customisation

In the game, when you are in the lobby, click on the settings and you will open up all the settings for the game. In Controls you will have the option for Simple and Advanced, as above, but in advanced you have the customise button click on this and you can drag control elements to new locations. Be careful that multiplayer and battle royale have slightly different slots, so customise for both of the gameplay.
4. Change the Graphics Quality

The device what you have will automatically detect the settings for your phone on first start, but if you want to change them, in the settings, click Audio and Graphics. From here you can find the quality and frame rate, as well as other options. Play around to get the smoothest gameplay you can, because setting it too high will cause you problems and may get your game stuck for a while.
5. Do not Roam Around, Master your weapons

Do not always roam around in the open field or area. Try to move through the buildings and take cover whenever possible. Try not showing yourself unless you are firing at someone.Keep away from probable places of discovery like balconies unless you have real good sniping or long shot skill with the rifles.
Make good use of sentry guns, killer drones and missiles. They always help you score more kills.Knives can be smart weapons only if you are good at combining moving and jabbing in a flash.
These tips and tricks are only a few, but many other tips and tricks you can find easily when you are totally in to the game. Yes! One more, same like PUBG always go zigzag towards an enemy. I hope you all enjoyed these tips. Add in comments, what all the other tricks you found that could help other win the legendary game the Call of Duty.