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Amazon Forest: ‘The Planet’s lungs’ Has been burning at a Massive Rate

Amazon Forest: ‘The Planet’s lungs’ Has been burning at a Massive Rate August 22, 20191 Comment

The lungs of the Earth are burning releasing an explosive amount of carbon dioxide into the air which makes it concern not just for the people in Brazil, but for every human being. The Rainforest produces 20% of the overall oxygen in our planet.

The state of Sao Paolo plunged into darkness with the smoke emitted from the fire. The forest is a living habitat to many living creature and trees that are on the verge of vanishing with no help from the government. It is said that the fire has been lasting since 17 days straight.

Planet Earth is already having major issues with Global Warming and the fire adds more damage to it. Several Greenhouse gases are directly released into the atmosphere which increases the level of carbon dioxide. Scientists believe that this could be a major setback for the fight against climate change.

The effects of Global Warming is clearly evident with the snow caps and glaciers melting at a rapid change. Many countries have witnessed unusual Climate Change conditions which have affected many lives.

The fire is so fierce that the smoke is clearly evident from space. Whereas Earth is losing a major part of its oxygen, the world media is silent on the issue and no one is even bothered. Several reports also state that the fire is human started. If that is the case then we humans will be the cause of own destruction.

We need this ecosystem to breathe. We’re living in a world where a Cathedral burning grabbed more attention than an integral part of earth burning. This is sad. Pray for Amazon.