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9 Things to do When You Loose Your Job!

Do These 9 Things if You Loose Your Job!

9 Things to do When You Loose Your Job! July 20, 2020Leave a comment

It has been seen and heard for quite some time that many big companies have fired their employees. Like last year, snapdeal laid off 600 employees, apart from big companies like Tata Consultancy, Yahoo, Microsoft etc., thousands of their employees were fired.
Many other small companies who have fired many of their employees. And behind this, the companies argue that they do not have money to pay salary or they want to cut their cost.

There may be many reasons for leaving the job. Such as closure of company or institute, reduction in production of company, cutting costs due to recession, getting fired due to your wrong behavior, change in financial policy of the company or quitting your own job for anything. .
If someone is fired from his job even after no mistake, he feels a bit of a shock, gets very angry and the person becomes heartbroken. His present or future planning goes badly, due to which his financial condition is also weakened. Some people manage if they do not get a job quickly, but some people are unable to manage due to which their daily routine deteriorates and they get into tension.

Friends, I too have gone through such an accident. The company I used to work in was almost closed in February due to its financial planning failure and some internal issues. Because of which I had to leave the job from there. However, signs of closure of the company were already found long back, so I had already talked about my job in another company and immediately after leaving the first company I joined another company.
But this does not happen with everyone. Not everyone gets a job right away. Many people who work with me have not got a job yet.
What did I do in such a situation? I am going to tell you a few things based on my experience that will help you in such a situation. For whatever reason you have left your job. These things will help you get out of that situation and will be helpful in finding a new job.
1. Trust in yourself, be confident
On leaving a job or being fired, the person is financially weak, at the same time he becomes emotionally weak and lonely. Along with this, the self-esteem of the person is also greatly hurt. People feel disqualified from being fired, and for many people, being fired is a shock. Due to which people become victims of stress and negativity. And in such bad times many people leave you and get away from you. Due to which the person falls apart.
So in such a situation, trust yourself, and be confident. And don’t let negativity, despair dominate you. Look at things with positivity. Get a good sleep, exercise, and keep yourself busy. Do not let loneliness dominate you. Do not be disappointed even if you do not get help from anyone. Work like this, read things that motivate you and increase your confidence. Do not allow yourself to be weak. Always keep positive thinking. One day everything will be alright.

2. Take it as a chance
Life does not end with a company being fired or lost for any reason. Take this event as a chance. Think that this job was not your last destination. What work can be done better in life now? Think about it and do that work. If you want to do a job, then look for a new job. You can also start a business or a new job of your choice.
Steve Jobs was demoted from his own company Apple in 1985 and the incident was one of the best things that happened to him. On being fired, he took it as an opportunity and formed a Pixar company. As a result, his personal wealth rose to a high and Apple had to call him back. So take the job loss as an opportunity and start new with a new thought.
3. Introspect
Do your own introspection and find out what were the shortcomings in you or what were the reasons that led to you leaving the job or leaving your job. Remove those shortcomings, eliminate those reasons. And if necessary, learn new skills and refine your talent.
4. Keep yourself updated
Keep learning new things even when you are on the job. Keep yourself updated according to the time. Keep learning new new tools, new technology, new things related to your field. Keep yourself ready for a new job or a new start.
5. Keep the anger at bay
It is natural to get angry at the company and management for being fired. Sometimes people who work together become the reason for being fired. Which makes them very angry. Regardless of the reason for your job, you should control your anger and do not do any work in anger that affects your career.
Do not harm the company or any employee of the company in anger. This will only harm you and create your negative image. And difficulties may arise for your new job.
6. Control your expenses
The most impact of going to a job affects your financial situation. Your income stops, but the expenses are similar. As long as the job continues, then there are expenses without any need, wasteful expenditure and all this becomes a habit. But when your job leaves, things change. Sometimes there is a lot of money problem and then the mind is unable to spend accordingly, which increases the stress. And there is no idea of ​​a new job even when you get it?
Therefore, rebuild your budget according to your most important expenses and control your expenses. And don’t worry too much this time. This problem is only until you get another job.
7. Build Your Network
You are mostly empty when you go to work. So meet all your old friends or contact them on phone or e-mail and discuss about the job. This will increase your network and make it easier to find a new job.
8. Stay active on Linkedin and job websites
Update your account on social media like linkedin. And keep an eye on the jobs posted there. Contact the HR of companies on linkedin. Along with this, update your resume and update your profile on job websites like naukri.com, shine.com, monster.com etc. Get help from job consultancy. On the Internet, keep looking at the new opening on the website of the companies related to your field. These jobs will help you get a job quickly.
9. Be prepared for every situation
It is not necessary that if you have given an interview somewhere, then you will get a job there. So if you are rejected somewhere, be prepared for it in advance and keep giving interviews in new companies. Sometimes it takes a long time to get a job or even if you get a job, then salary, atmosphere or facilities are not available there as before. Therefore, prepare yourself in advance for every situation and be patient. Keep searching for a job with patience and positive thinking. Gradually the situation will start improving.
Friends, above I have given 9 ways that will help you in case of loss of job. So if you too are going through such a situation, then try the methods mentioned above and be patient. Do not let yourself become weak. Do not let despair dominate you. Keep looking for a job with positive thinking. You will get success Just keep this in mind that one day everything will be alright.