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8 Effective Ways to Help Release Stress from the Pandemic!

Know Effective Ways to Fight Stress in this Pandemic!

8 Effective Ways to Help Release Stress from the Pandemic! June 8, 2020Leave a comment

It is a very difficult task to deal with global pandemic as there are several people who are experiencing problems with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges due to the quarantine requirements. The stress of such a situation can undoubtedly weigh heavily on an individual as well as their entire family. It is important that you develop a coping method that can help you release stress during these days.
Regardless of how much you are feeling about stress, kindly remember that there are some ways which can help release the stress you are feeling. Here are some simple ways to keep your mind busy and ease excessive tension and strain
1. Ensure to keep your body moving:The relationship that exists between exercise and the improvement of mental illness is well studied. During pandemic period, when you are quarantined to be at home, it is easy to skip workouts because the gyms are closed. However, it is necessary to keep your moving. You could be tempted to eat more and move less- such act that might not help your body. It is obvious that eating much amounts of sugar and other carbohydrate-laden foods will cause more harm than good to the body. By doing exercise, you will help raise the levels of vital neurotransmitters in the brain. The brain depends on serotonin to help you feel good and when you are not exercising well, and then your levels of this hormone may not be optimal. You just need to get up, get out, and get moving. With that, you will release stress and get fitter for your effort.
2.Don’t focus on junk food: It is hard to stay on a healthy eating plan when you are cooped up in your home. At a pandemic period, a lot of people stress-eat, or they eat due to boredom. You shouldn’t fall into this trap as it could be detrimental. While a lot of people don’t usually sit at the couch and binge on carrots and broccoli, it is a great option. It is important to avoid snack cakes, potato chips, sweet popcorns, and other junk food varieties. You shouldn’t expect to feel good when there are poor eating habits. You should always remember that this pandemic will end, and you will need to battle with weight gain. Therefore, do yourself a favor by skipping the snacks as it will help you make better choices and avoid consuming junks. Aside this, your children are watching and eating alongside with you. Let them learn and have the best from you.

3.Stick to a daily routine: Having children around you would make you understand the importance of a daily routine. The moment your schedule becomes disheveled, it can make you feel horrible. Your body system only needs 6 – 8hours of sleep and anything more than that can be counterproductive to your body system. Endeavor to stick to a schedule for you to keep some normality in your days. Also, it will always be your interest that your children keep up with their schedule and you should therefore do that too.
4.Get out in the sunshine: It is a fantastic thing to stay indoors, but you still need to get outside and enjoy the nature as much as possible. There is a great thing beneath being in the fresh air and seeing all the beautiful creations that can help to heal mental angst. Staying outside for just 20minutes is enough to help boost your mood and your vitamin D levels. Normally, you were made for being outside among the gentle breezes and beautiful trees. If you want to fight against depression or any other form of mental issues, then you should get out from behind those four walls.

5.Take some of your time to release stress: There is a particular thing or more that can actually help a person to calm their mind and body. It is important that you have some time to be alone in the silence. Those tranquil moments will offer you the ability to keep moving. Being on yourself for at least one hour in a day will help you to refocus and renew your mind, body, and soul.
6.Assist someone in need: During a pandemic, there are several forms of people that need help. There could be an elderly neighbor that can’t get out and go to the grocery store by themselves or any other form of assistance. You should forget about your agitation and anxiety when you do something beautiful for others. While you are trying to practice effective safety measures for the pandemic, you should extend a hand to someone in need. You will realize that your kind gesture will make you feel good, and it will be so welcomed to someone who actually needs the help.
7. Limit the caffeine intake: Are you frequent with caffeine consumption and sugar? Soft drinks and coffee have high caffeine content and they can make you feel worse than you already do. It is pertinent to note that caffeine is a drug that moves the same pathways in your brain just as cocaine. Sadly, caffeine can speed up your heart and increase feelings of angst rather than making you feel better.
8. Meditate: Meditation is a great tool that has been in used for thousands of years. It is typically an Eastern norm that helps a person to balance their tension. Meditation will help you slower your breathing and will be in control of your thoughts. By doing so, you teach your body how to deal with the tension of the day. Controlling your breathing will slow your heart rate, stop your racing mind, and ease your angst. In a situation whereby you feel yourself start to get to an unhealthy place with your strain and tension, you should go to your quiet spot and meditate until you feel peaceful and calm.

Anxiety is a serious issue that affects more than 40 million Americans and when you add the uncertainty of a global pandemic and isolation to the situation, it can take you to a serious difficulty very quickly. The power to control your angst lies in you and it is only you that can stop your body from going into that “fight-or-flight” response by making use of mechanisms to redirect your mind.